Technical Knowledge & Support

OEM Engines

Technical Support

As a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of power and pumping equipment we have extensive technical knowledge and experience of our all our products and served markets.

Our technical support covers many areas including:

  • Training – Full time experienced trainers are based at our key facilities to provide operator and service training for all the products we supply including engines, generators, power units, pump sets, and auxiliary equipment. Training can be undertaken in group classes at our primary facilities, or individually in the field.

  • Application Engineering – We have an engineering department for product research and development, product application, and product support. Their experience will assist in the proper application of our products. Sales engineers work closely with our prospective clients engineering departments.

  • Technical Information – For all of our products, we carry a complete range of technical information including: technical specifications, application drawings, arrangement drawings, recommended parts and service, emission compliance, and operator instructions.


DT Power Corp is always available to discuss engines, parts, and service. Whether you are looking for more information about our products or services, or are ready to schedule service, we are here to help.