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As a company within the Southeast Diesel Corp group of companies, DT Power Corp has considerable experience in supporting the needs and requirements of some of the world’s largest engine companies and OEM’s. We have the infrastructure and resources to provide 24/7 engine and product support for many diverse applications.

As a leader in the engine industry, DT Power Corp is dedicated to providing our customers with service above and beyond their expectations.

We have established a premium level of service recognized by our peers and our long list of repeat customers. Our ability to provide outstanding support for our products is the result of dedicating the necessary resources in people, facilities, training, and equipment.

We are fully equipped with all the tools necessary to provide the highest standard of service and maintenance. DT Power Corp provides premium service by ensuring our technicians are trained to operate the latest diagnostic and service equipment. We are stocked with the proper tools and equipment to repair and test engines and generators of all sizes.


DT Power Corp is always available to discuss engines, parts, and service. Whether you are looking for more information about our products or services, or are ready to schedule service, we are here to help.