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Application Engineering


Best practices are developed over time by understanding what works best and knowing what engine application issues to avoid. While application begins with selecting the required power and torque, making sure an engine meets its best performance relies on the expertise of the application engineering. Engines not only have to perform, they must fit inside the available space, be soundly mounted to avoid certain harmonics and vibration, and meet all the operational criteria of the equipment being powered. Our engineers rate the Hyundai Infracore engine highly because it has been developed to perform in a wide range of applications.


Engine Selection

Our technical team will discuss with you the full operational characteristics of the equipment to be powered, including hp/kW, speed, torque requirements, envelope, emissions, noise, and vibration. In addition to base engine criteria we will discuss the intended operation environment and duty cycle. Only after covering the key engine criteria we will recommend a model.



Once the engine model is selected we will look at where the engine is to be installed and key data points such as the engine crankshaft line, engine position for balance, mounting points, vibration issues, available envelope, load connections, safety devices, exhaust after-treatment, fuel source, radiator mounts, and cooling requirements.


Testing & Development

Our engineering department is here to assist after selection and application of a Hyundai Infracore engine in any new or existing on or off-highway equipment. Our engineering services include engineering technicians to assist in the testing and development of the equipment to be powered. Whether testing is in the OEMs facility or operating in the field, we have technicians experienced in providing application engineering from engine selection through to testing.


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